The Templars Caves in Brazil

Brazil, the land of exquisite landscape and a tropical lifestyle has witnessed various cultures throughout history. Lately, there has been a discovery in the heart of its caves that might change completely what we known about the history of modern South America. A medieval society with French roots that originated in the Middle East, known as the Knights Templar, might have set foot in Brazil long before Columbus.

Research is being conducted to find out the motive that drove the monastic order all across the Atlantic Ocean. What were they looking for? 

 A new documentary written by Dr. Kathleen Ball, a researcher, and adventurer, tells the story of a new cave discovered near a small Brazilian town and reveals new information on the usually misunderstood warrior group. When Kathleen and her friend Adele start exploring the fascinating nature of Brail, they met a stranger who tells them of a secret undiscovered vein made of rocks a few miles away.

Overtaken by curiosity, the researchers head to the cave in the deep brush, only to discover images of the Templar cross carved on its walls.  With Dr. Ball had already visited dungeons in France where thousands of knights were imprisoned after their trial, she instantly connected the images to those in the French prison. Along with images of the Templar cross, the walls also had human figures and other symbols. Even though the world has recently discovered that the Templars actually migrated to Brazil, traversing the ocean was the right call to avoid the annihilation faced in Europe.

The Knights Templar possibly arrived in Brazil in the 13the century, hundreds of years before Columbus. The order fled from Europe all across the Atlantic to escape their unfortunate fate under King Philip IV.  However, the circumstances of the how and when is still yet unsolved. Prior to this discovery, the world had no records that the Templars traveled outside of Asia and Europe. Nonetheless, the new documentary is a call to look further into the heritage of the Templars.

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