The Templar Cross and its Meaning

The Knights Templar is a military order that appeared in the Middle Ages. They were active from 1119 till 1317. The Templars were a prominent order in most Christian countries. Initially, a few knights from France founded the order to protect pilgrims and travelers coming to Jerusalem. Shortly after, the Templars became involved in military actions, mainly the Crusades, trade, and politics.

In fact, the Templars were fierce warriors who show braveness and competence in wars—their ideal military attitude made them a subject of interest and admiration. Let’s have a closer look at the famous Templar Cross and its significance.

Basically, the cross is visually similar to many Catholic crosses. Unlike the cross seen in churches, the Templars’ cross has branches of the same size, based on the Greek model. However, the Templar cross has thinner arms, and its legs are shaped like a “T,” known as a Cross Pattée. It is also similar to the Maltese Cross, which wasn’t developed until the 16th century. Nonetheless, these two crosses symbolize radically different meanings.

In the beginning, the order had no symbol. Then, they were granted permission to wear distinctive white mantles by Pope Honorius II. The garments symbolized purity and the chastity vows that the brothers took. Later on, they have authorized to ass a red cross as a symbol of the suffering that Christ saved us from.

The Knights Templar often wore the cross on the battlefield as a symbol that evokes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. The Knights Templar were not afraid of death because they are going to heaven fighting for the word of God.

The Templar cross is one of the most symbols associated with soldierly power, braveness, and courage. In fact, it is still worn on clothing and accessories with pride by many people today.

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